Yes! We are experts in this field and have a team of professionals that work with communities to acquire funding through current government programs and initiatives.

ABSOLUTELY! Bison Modular Homes are 100% insurable and can be mortgaged.

Beyond a home, clients of Bison Modular are able to choose from a list of extra options. We’d be happy to provide more information if you’re interested in this!

Some of the options include:

  • Site-works
  • Gravel pads and driveways
  • Septic fields and tanks
  • Wells
  • Hydro and plumbing connections
  • Decks
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Lake drawn water treatment systems
  • Solar panels
  • Generators

Bison Modular Homes are competitively priced and offer a long-lifetime of upwards of 75 years with proper care.

Bison Modular Homes are made with “Bison Panels” that create a sealed structural envelope for the exterior of the building. Our homes are fire-resistant, rot-resistant, mold-resistant, and come with break-proof windows!

On top of that, we are happy to say that our homes have recently been rated 20% higher than current energy codes.

Our process allows buyers to have a home in 4 months or less. While we are building your home, we prepare the site at the same time!

We also have stock units that are available for immediate possession.

Because of our building process, less construction material is used which equals a cost savings for the client! Beyond that, Bison Modular Homes are easier to maintain, heat and keep cool, which lessens utility bills for the long-term.

Yes! We are able to create custom homes that suit your needs.

Bison Modular Homes can last upwards of 75 years with proper care.

We have homes in stock that are available for immediate possession! On the other hand, if we don’t have the model in stock that you are looking for- we are able to get your new home to you in 4 months or less.

Bison Modular is proud to service all communities from coast to coast across Canada.

We ship by rail, road, winter road, and water! Bison Modular make this process simple for clients by taking care of logistics and scheduling!

Bison Modular Homes are built different than traditional homes and have sealed exteriors that provide a great solution for rodent problems!

ABSOLUTELY! Bison Modular Homes are comfortable in all seasons and offer better thermal properties than traditionally built homes.

Yes! Bison Modular offer options for appliances and furniture. We’d be happy to provide more information if you’re interested in this!

Bison Modular Homes are made from “Bison Panels” and act as the structure, insulation, and exterior siding!

Bison Panels are made from a mixture of poliosyclene foam and steel and offer great thermal properties as well as less cold spots from outside temperatures

Yes! Bison Modular Homes were recently rated 20% more energy efficient than current energy codes!

Absolutely! Our homes can be constructed to ADA standards.

In the past, we have even adjusted homes to fit client’s needs like the installment of a dialysis room. .

Yes we do! We currently offer duplexes, triplexes and 4-Plexes.

Yes! Bison Modular is proud to have created relationships with several First Nations and is able to provide references upon request.

At this time, Bison Modular does not offer this. However, we can provide you the contact information of finance companies you just need to ask!

For winter roads, our 13′ wide models are the maximum allowed width as per government regulations for winter road delivery.

These include:

  • 780-3
  • 507-2
  • 350-1 Duplexes
  • 350-1 ADA Duplexes

Yes! We have a great relationship with the following companies:


PEACE HILLS TRUST 204-943-8093





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