Shane Prevost

Vice President | Cobra Enterprises & Bison Modular Homes
S Prevost Headshot

Vice President of Bison Modular Homes, Shane Prevost is a “lead-from-the-front type” business leader with a wealth of knowledge in client relations, and business development. Shane is known for his genuine, friendly demeanor and ensuring that clients of Bison Modular Homes are taken care of appropriately while prioritizing the project-scope to solve the needs of First Nations and Indigenous communities in the long-term.
Shane’s leadership abilities and caring attitude create long-lasting relationships with clients. He is known for going above and beyond for clients and making sure that proposal writing for government funded projects are created with the highest level of care, and commits himself thoroughly to each Bison Modular Homes project. Shane balances client relationships, and the future outlook of the company’s business operations with determination to ensure that client’s needs are put first and foremost.
An active snowboarder and animal lover, Shane enjoys staying active, traveling, days at the cabin, and fostering dogs back into care.

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