John Henry

Councillor John Henry NHCN

As a member of the Board of Directors for Bison Modular Homes, John looks to bring his many years of community service to ensure adequate housing availability for the people of Norway House. John has had a long career as a social worker in the school system, working with both families and teachers to ensure positive outcomes for Norway House children and youth.

As a CFS worker and eventually an assistant to Chief Anderson, John has remained dedicated to helping his community. In addition, he has provided over 25 years of volunteerism, working with minor hockey, little league baseball and after-school sports programs. With 29 grandchildren, John is family-oriented and understands the need for a safe and prosperous community for everyone who makes their home in Norway House.

Elected as Councillor in 2022, John holds the Portfolios for Housing, CFS, Jean Folster Place and the Whiskeyjack Treatment Centre. This position has helped him advocate for the needs of fellow community members in terms of providing much needed homes as well as vital facilities focused on support for families and individuals in crisis. John has maintained good relations with tradespeople to help ensure quick and reliable service delivery to his fellow residents.

As a member of the Board of Directors for Bison Modular Homes, John has helped move the community toward a resolution to its housing crisis, reducing some of the overcrowding experienced by community members. However, the need remains significant and John is determined to move forward on it. In addition to ongoing housing development that includes temporary accommodations for families undergoing pest control efforts, expansions are planned for the women’s shelter and Whiskeyjack Centre as well as converting Molson Lake Lodge to a land-based treatment centre.

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