As a First Nation-owned company, Bison Modular is dedicated to making long-term positive impacts on First Nations and Indigenous Community housing issues and economic development. We value partnerships, collaboration, and quality in creating thriving communities.

By partnering with First Nations and Indigenous Communities, we aim to create bright futures and employment opportunities by training and hiring local workers, empowering them with valuable skills while contributing to economic growth for communities long-term.

Our commitment to sustainability means incorporating energy-efficient materials and designs into our modular homes, aligning with the values of many First Nations and Indigenous Communities. We don’t just build homes; we build futures and long-term relationships with our partners to ensure the longevity and prosperity of First Nations and Indigenous Communities nationwide.

We are committed to building sustainable, quality housing and driving economic development, while honouring the rich traditions and aspirations of First Nations and Indigenous Communities for generations to come. Together, we can create a brighter future from coast to coast.

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In 2020, both parties are working together to improve housing and the quality of life in these communities, highlighted by a 28-home community housing project and a 13-container gym and daycare in Norway House, Manitoba.
In 2021, Bison launched a new steel home product line using self-framing steel insulated panels. This expanded and improved Bison’s modular building product line which as a result led to the company re-branding to Bison Modular Homes.
Today, they offer both their container homes and steel homes product lines.

Our Commitment

We work to build high-quality infrastructure and foster economic growth throughout northern communities, create future employment opportunities, and form lasting relationships with First Nation and Indigenous communities. 

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